We have three styles of photographic imagery, which we can use according to the context. The first of these is ‘reportage’.

These images always show people in action – either our own volunteers, employees or members of the public doing whatever they can to help, whether that’s administering first aid, running a marathon to raise money, or teaching others how to save lives. Make sure that the photos you choose look real, and not ‘posed’.

Reportage pictures are always used in colour and can be used across all our communications materials.


Some of our communications need another style of portrait photography. These images should always look like real people, and appear on a white background.

Portrait pictures are used on materials such as banners and posters.


Images of objects can add interest, energy or wit to our materials. We use relevant object photos where required, but these images will be reserved for brand and marketing team use only.

Our technical specifications for any photographs we use in print are that they must be at least 300dpi – a resolution high enough to ensure professional reproduction.


We have an image library from which you can select photographs. If you have any queries about the suitability of photographs that you wish to use, please contact the Brand and Communications team.



Please contact the Brand and Communications team if you wish to use illustrations in your materials, as we can advise on the suitability of the images you wish to use.


Never use clip art illustrations, as they can make a publication look amateur.


We can provide first aid illustrations on request. Protocols often change, and it’s vital that you have the most up to date, approved illustrations. Please contact us for the latest versions.


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