Logging a job request


If you would like the Brand and Communications team to help you with a project, in the first instance please complete a briefing form in as much detail as possible, ensure it has been signed off by the relevant person in your team and email us at brandcomms@sja.org.uk


For help with completing the briefing form, please go to How we work. Our roadmap will explain the things you need to consider before filling out your form and give you a step-by-step guide to the production process thereafter.


We aim to respond by email to incoming requests within two days, following which, if necessary, one of the team will meet you for a briefing meeting within two weeks.


At the meeting, we will further discuss the project with you and put production timelines in place, as well as agreeing who will work on which elements of the content. Important questions to consider at this point are who exactly the publication is for, what you want it to achieve, and what message you wish to get across. Once this is established, we can discuss appropriate formats.

As a general rule: if in doubt, please give us a shout, and please contact us as early as possible in the process. In many cases, we are able to adapt an existing design 'off the shelf', providing a quick-turnaround solution that meets the original needs of the project.


If you have any queries, please email brandcomms@sja.org.uk


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