We’ve chosen a font that will be instantly recognisable as ‘St John Ambulance’. It’s confident and contemporary, energetic and easy to read. The name of the font is Whitney, and it's only used on professionally designed materials. Day to day, most people will continue to use Arial for reports, emails and presentations. 


We use a different weight font depending on whether it’s being used for a headline or body copy.


  • Use capital letters only
  • Font: Whitney Black (if you don’t have this use Arial regular and bold instead).

Body copy

  • Font: Whitney Book and Whitney Semibold (if you don’t have these use Arial regular and bold instead).

Where possible, the default font size for the body text of a document should be 10 or 11 point.

Always align the text to the left or to the right of a page or layout. Quotes and key messages are centred only when they are a design element.


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