cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

is the correct term and spelling.



The preferred term for St John Ambulance care projects is now ‘community projects’.



does not take an initial capital letter (unless in the title of one of our community projects).



Please use this term rather than ‘patient’. Sometimes the word ‘contact’ is more appropriate if you do not know what we actually did for the person.



‘century’ should always be written lowercase. For example, ‘St John Ambulance is a charity equipped to deal with medical emergencies in the 21st century’.



When referring to the chairperson of a group, use the term ‘chair’ in a general sense, always lowercase. In specific circumstances, use the individual person’s preference, for example ‘chairman’, should they have one.


charity number

The Charities Act 1993 requires that all publications (including business stationery), advertisements or websites that are ‘intended to persuade the reader to give money or property to the charity’ should contain one of the following sentences in an appropriate place:

  • St John Ambulance is a registered charity
  • Registered charity no. 1077265/1.

Community First Responder (CFR)

is correct: each word has an initial capital letter.


copyright matters

St John Ambulance owns the copyright in the publications produced on its behalf. Each publication should include the phrase ‘© St John Ambulance <year>’ in an appropriate place.


Permission to use St John intellectual property can be issued only by the Company Secretary. Requests for permission should be sent to


Some publications may be freely copied by St John volunteers or staff to help carry out their role. These publications carry a note to that effect on the copyright page.


cost/course cost

Use the word ‘cost’ instead of ‘fee’.


Contact and copyright info