Our preference is for you to use for example, rather than eg. but there will be times when it is more appropriate.

Our house style is ‘eg.’, as opposed to ‘e.g.’

Whenever you use ‘eg.’, precede it with a comma.


For example
Use any method of transport, eg. trains, planes or cars.



is correct: on word, no hyphenation Please see ‘hyphenation’ for a list of words and phrases that we hyphenate, and those that we don’t.


email addresses

On printed materials, use departmental or functional addresses rather than the names of real volunteers or staff. Write entirely in lower case.


For example

Use Don't use



When referring to people in St John Ambulance, we use the phrase ‘volunteers and employees’ (rather than ‘volunteers and staff’ or ‘members’). A shorter way of referring to a mix of volunteers and employees when out ‘on duty’ (the people staffing an event, for example) is ‘personnel’



Whenever you use ‘etc.’, precede it with a comma.





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