As with numbers, spell out whole percentages zero to nine. Use figures for 10 and upwards. Try not to start a sentence with a percentage. Where this can’t be avoided, write the percentage in words, whether it’s above or below 10.



Practice is the noun, while practise is the verb. Write for example, ‘By practising their first aid regularly, our volunteers constantly refine their skills’ (verb use). Alternatively, ‘It was common practice for schools to buy a number of our resources’ (noun use).


Priory of England and the Islands of the Order of
St John, the

is correct use of capitalisation. ‘The’ is never capitalised.


private individual

Please use the term ‘independent student’ instead to refer to people undertaking a course independent from their workplace or club.



Use program to refer to code on a computer; programme for all other uses.


punctuating text within tables

We do not use full stops within cells of a table. The exception to this is where a bulleted list is used within a table. Here, the last point in the list takes a full stop at the end.



use the term ‘students’ instead


purchase order

Write as PO (not P.O.).


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