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telephone numbers

The local link number, which directs any caller from a land line to the appropriate county office, is laid out like this (note the gaps):


08700 10 49 50.


The local link fax number is laid out like this: 08700 10 40 65.


All other numbers are laid out as follows:


Where the area code has three figures: XXX XXXX XXXX – eg. 020 7324 4000


Where the area code has four figures: XXXX XXX XXXX - eg 0117 123 4567


Where the area code has five figures: XXXXX XXXXXX - eg 01536 123456


Mobile numbers: XXXXX XXXXXX - eg 07860 711679


There is no need to use brackets or any other form of punctuation.


When your audience lives outside the UK, use the international code and delete the first '0' of the area code. For example, the National Headquarters phone number becomes +44 20 7324 4000.



For operational use we use the 24-hour clock, eg. 'The duty starts at 1500 hrs.'


For all other use we use the 12-hour clock, eg. 'The Badgers meet at 6.00pm.' 6pm is also fine. Note that there is no space before 'am' and 'pm' and that there is no punctuation in either term. To avoid confusion, spell out 'noon' and 'midnight', as shown here:


Use Don't use
12.00 noon 12.00pm
12.00 midnight 12.00am


training on your premises

Please use this description rather than ‘in-house training,’ ‘in-company training’ or other variants.



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