St John Ambulance statistics


Key statistics

  • Every year, we train over 400,000 people in life saving skills through our training programmes
  • In 2016 we treated over 96,000 people through our events and ambulance work
  • Our volunteers gave over 900,000 hours of their time to provide first aid cover at events in 2016.
  • We provide fully trained and equipped personnel at more than 26,000 events every year.

General statistics

  • 82% of people feel it is important to know first aid. [St John Ambulance Census 2016]
  • 80% are interested in learning more first aid [St John Ambulance Census 2016]
  • 80% agree first aid should be a compulsory part of the national curriculum [St John Ambulance Census 2016]
  • 30% have witnessed a first aid emergency at work [St John Ambulance Census 2016]
  • 44% of parents say their child has had a first aid emergency. [St John Ambulance Census 2016]

Our volunteers

  • At St John Ambulance we have over 18,000 volunteers
  • In our youth programmes we have over 3,000 Badgers (aged 7-10) and over 8,000 Cadets (aged 11-18)
  • In 2016, our volunteers gave over 2,630,000 hours with over 910,000 hours providing first aid at events.

Schools and young people

  • In 2016, the Big First Aid Lesson Live hosted by Dr. Ranj, equipped over 95,000 school children with the skills to save a life in just 50 minutes
  • In 2016, 1,379 schools took part in the Big First Aid Lesson Live
  • In 2016, over 166,000 young people received first aid training at school
  • We supported initiatives such as Restart a Heart Day which trained more than 150,000 children in CPR in one day in October. This was in partnership with the Resuscitation Council, British Red Cross, British Heart Foundation and Ambulance Trusts across the country.

Community first aid

  • In 2016 around 34,000 adults learned vital skills on one of our community first aid courses
  • In 2016, 64% of the events we attended were smaller 'community level' events
  • We have hundreds of Community First Responders who respond to 999 calls, and Cycle Response Unit volunteers, who support the NHS and are the first on scene at emergencies.

Reaching people digitally

  • In 2016 there were 40 million views of St John Ambulance videos online, many demonstrating vital first aid skills
  • In 2016 there were 4 million visits to our website (an increase of 1.2 million)
  • In 2016 there were 23,660 downloads of our first aid advice posters.

Campaigning and education

  • Our 2016 campaign 'Nursery Rhymes Inc.' features an educational advert which was aired on TV. The video was viewed online over 8 million times online and reached 70% of our target audience
  • The success of our 2016 campaign 'Nursery Rhymes Inc.' prompted an innovative partnership with Tesco. We taught baby CPR to customers in 115 stores and distributed a babygrow that featured CPR advice
  • Our babygrow video received five million views in a week
  • In 2016 we handed out over 630,000 free first aid guides to provide more people with first aid advice at their fingertips
  • In 2016, we had 168,000 downloads our free first aid apps which provides people with first aid advice at their fingertips
  • There have been over 450,000 downloads of our first aid and cycling apps since their launch in 2014.

First aid in the workplace

  • In 2016, we trained over 269,000 people through the workplace
  • Each year, our Workplace Training team offers over 30,000 courses, taking place at around 300 venues
  • In 2016 around 34,000 adults learned vital skills on one of our community first aid courses.

Our fleet and ambulance operations

  • St John Ambulance has around 1,000 vehicles, ranging from our Cycle Response Bicycles to our Mobile Treatment Centres
  • In 2016 our Ambulance Operations teams completed over 121,000 journeys.

Events and services 

  • In 2016 more than 1,400 of our volunteers attended the Virgin Money London Marathon. A record 39,000 runners took part
  • At the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon, our volunteers from all over the country were on duty with approximately one volunteer for every 30 metres of the 26.2 mile course
  • Our homeless services in Brighton and Hastings had contact with clients more than 2,500 times, including 1,120 in Brighton and 1,430 in Hastings. The St John Ambulance Homeless Service provides accessible and flexible first aid and primary healthcare to the homeless. These services provide valuable support to vulnerable individuals with complex needs who might not otherwise access healthcare services.



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