Our voice

For our messages to be as effective as possible:

  • our language should be inspiring and engaging
  • we should write concisely and conversationally
  • we should sound like an expert with real human warmth.

Use inspiring and engaging language

  • Inspiring means writing in a way that is upbeat, positive and warm
  • Engaging means using language that is accessible to the reader, and is clear and straightforward to understand.

Write concisely and conversationally

  • Concise means keeping what you write short and snappy wherever possible. Less is more
  • Conversational means writing as you would speak, with the natural rhythm of conversation.

Our personality: expert with real human warmth

  • We show our expertise by explaining first aid in a straightforward, relevant and practical way, and giving people the confidence that they can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved
  • We are passionate about what we do, and write with emotion and warmth, especially when we’re talking to individuals (‘heart’ first, ‘head’ second). Our copy for companies and organisations is more professional in tone, but is underpinned by the same St John Ambulance personality.

Explore the tabs above for more information about how to write about St John Ambulance. You'll find examples
of our new tone of voice: 'head' (factual) and
'heart' (emotional), refreshed key messages, and a guide to our house style.


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